About Mixtape Sessions

Mixtape Sessions is a company that specializes in offering workshops for causal inference methods. Our workshops are taught by leading professors in the field and are designed to provide high-quality and interactive learning experiences for our attendees.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone who attends our workshops is able to ask questions and get hands-on experience with coding examples to practice their newly learned skills. We take great pride in the positive externalities our live workshops create for our profession. At the end of each workshop, the material is open-sourced for everyone on our GitHub repository.

We believe that our commitment to high-quality instruction and open access to educational resources is what sets us apart from other training providers. Join us and start your journey towards mastering causal inference today.

Mixtape Fellows

At Mixtape Sessions, we are committed to supporting and encouraging the next generation of researchers in causal inference. As part of this commitment, we are proud to introduce our Mixtape Fellows program. Each year, we award small grants to PhD students who are working on empirical projects that we believe in and are betting on.

This year, we are excited to announce two winners of our Mixtape Fellows program. Alessandra Moresi’s doctoral thesis aims to develop a deeper understanding of the interplay between civil unrest and political representation, with a particular focus on identity, gender, and social media. Valentina Melentyeva’s job market paper centers around the estimation of the motherhood penalty, specifically examining how the conventional approach leads to biased and underestimated earnings losses for mothers.

The Mixtape Fellows program is designed to encourage budding researchers to invest in their work and to let them know that we believe in their potential. We look forward to seeing the impact that our Fellows will have on the field of economics in the years to come.